Landscaping assistance in Boston

I can create you the perfect haven to relax in with a patio area of your choice.
Speak to me at DT Gardening & Decorating.

A landscape to relax and unwind

Want to completely reshape your garden? I am here to help. Landscaping is quite an undertaking, and getting it done right is vital,
but the reward is a garden tailor-made to suit your individual taste. You need to make sure the person you hire is both qualified and experienced, but above all, dedicated. With more than 20 years of experience I can assure you that I am all of those things. I ensure that each job I do meets the highest standards, and that you are always satisfied with the results.
landscape installation

A wide range of services

  • Construction of fencing/walls - Hard
  • Laying of lawn - Soft
  • Patio laying - Hard
  • Small tree felling - Soft
  • Laying of pathways - Hard
  • Want something else? Call me.

There are two types of landscaping

The term landscaping is broad and encompasses two different types: hard and soft. The differences are quite significant. Hard is everything to do with the structures in your garden. Soft is everything to do with the flora. To find out exactly what service you are after you can give me a call and I can go through it all with you.

Jobs of all sizes

Once you've got your garden just the way you want it, you will need someone to maintain it. Worry not, I am also a quality gardener.
Why not also look to see what I can do for the interiors of your home? To get a free estimate, or to ask any questions, give me a call.
Landscaping can be tricky.
Call me at DT Gardening & Decorating on
01205 311 004 or 07508 301 909

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