Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping in Boston

What is hard landscaping? It refers to the structures within your garden.
So if you want a new patio, or some nice decking, you are looking for someone qualified in hard landscaping.

Enhance the exteriors of your property

It is precision work that has to be done correctly, otherwise you will end up with lopsided, sinking patio stones; or a fence that blows over with the next large gust. I am here to ensure that does not happen.
Why stop at a simple fence? Wouldn't a new flower bed look nice in the borders of your garden? Take a look at my soft landscaping services as well. Once your new garden is complete, you will need someone to maintain it. You should also see what I can do for the inside of your home, too. To get a free estimate, or to ask any questions, give me a call. I am sure I will be able to help you
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Complete hard landscaping

  • Laying of pathways
  • Laying of patio
  • Laying of decking
  • Paving
  • Construction of fences or walls
  • Shed bases and shed erection
  • Looking for something else? Call me.
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You need the right person

Hard landscaping is hard work. If you lack the time and skills to do it, contact me at DT Gardening & Decorating. I have been doing this for over 20 years and know I can handle whatever task you throw my way. It is as simple as letting me know what you want, checking the designs, and then sitting back whilst your new outdoor sitting area emerges.
Add a patio to your garden.
Contact DT Gardening & Decorating in Boston on
01205 311 004 or 07508 301 909

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